Art. 1 Enrolments
All those who have turned 18 years at the moment of the registration, belonging to all nationalities, are allowed to participate. To proceed with the registration you must have a valid medical certificate.
Each participant at Italy Coast to Coast has to be registered at Asd Centro Rematori Passignano and those who are not already registered will become members of the Asd during the registration.

Art. 2 Start and route
There will be two group departures:
– official departure on 20th June 2020 at 8.30 am;
Both the departures will start from Orbetello and the exact address will be communicated to all participants at least one week before.
The end point will be Vasto and the exact address will be communicated to all participants at least one week before.
The route is 650 kilometers long with 15,000 meters altitude gain and it develops on trails, dirt roads, paved roads and historic pavements. The track will be sent by email to all participants about a month before departure.

Art. 3 Characteristics
Italy Coast to coast is an adventure on paved roads, dirt roads and trails: car traffic is allowed on the road side of the path, therefore all partecipants must respect the “driving rules” of the road.
The participant is informed that the itinerary is not marked; he travels at his own risk, as in a free excursion, with the same rights as others road users.
He knows that health care service, service support or food are not available; there is no recovery service for those who retire from the Italy Coast to Coast and the organization is not obliged to search for participants along the route.
The participant which is going to retire must inform the organizer by calling the indicated telephone number.
The participant is informed that the organizer ASD Centro Rematori Passignano is not a professional company acting no-profit and for recreational aims.
Therefore the ASD is free of any liability connected to Italy Coast to Coast. The ASD is also relieved of liability related to events such as accidents, loss along the way, physical problems, thefts.
The Italy Coast to Coast is an event in which cyclists take part spontaneously and autonomously, as a free personal excursion.
The cyclist who participates to Italy coast to coast will not undertake any legal action at any title against ASD Centro Rematori Passignano, recognizing that it’s a non professional association who acts only for recreational aims, lacking of requisites specified in the art. 1174 of the Italian civil code.
Participants must respect and maintain clean the places they visit, not throwing garbage or other objects along the way.
It’s also mandatory to carry a kit for repair of breakdowns and punctures. Participants must have a good physical preparation, resistance to prolonged efforts and adaptability. A good knowledge in using GPS and sense of direction is also required.
There is no fixed time limit for completing the Italy Coast to Coast.
The use of motorized vehicles is forbidden as it’s any type of external support (admitted only in case of emergency).
The track must be followed in its entirety and without cuts. If you move away from it, you must take it back from the same point you left it.
Any participant who does not respect the rules will be disqualified. The organization reserves the right to exclude from the event cyclists who have a misconduct before, during and after the event.

Art. 4 Controls
Along the way there may be checkpoints to verify that the participant has not shortened the path.
Once finished the Italy Coast to Coast each participant must send the GPS track of the path to:

Art. 5 Mandatory material
For your own safety, in case of emergency or loss of the path, each participant is obliged to carry the following safety equipment:

  • reflective vest for the night;

  • whistle;

  • mobile phone;

  • homologated helmet;

  • white front and red rear lights.

The advice is to use a perfectly functioning mountain bike.

Art. 6 – Final rule
Asking to partecipate to Italy Coast to Coast each cyclist:

  • declares to have read and approved this regulation and to accept all its parts;

  • declares to know that the Italy Coast to Coast is a non-competitive event, without charts, that requires resistance and great physical and mental effort;

  • declares to be aware that, being part of the track off-road, some parts can be rough and uneven and require good riding skills;

  • declares to cope with extreme caution demanding stretches such as stairs, trails and steep descents, paths exposed, without cause danger or harm to himself and to others cyclists;

  • declares to have experience in GPS navigation in off-road and / or otherwise not tracked;

  • declares to be aware that the route is not marked and there will be no rescue points along the way;

  • declares to have experience and to be aware of the possibility to find hostile weather conditions and to be able to orientate himself and ride in such conditions;

  • declares to be physically prepared to face long distance ridings without stopping and in complete self-sufficiency;

  • declares not to use doping substances and drugs or medicines that may modify the performance or cause damage or danger to himself or other;

  • declares to have all the necessary equipment to take part in such adventures and to ride independently along the trail indicated by the organization;

  • declares to be aware that along the way unexpected events may happen such as landslides, sun, wind, rain, hail, lightning, cold, night, darkness, fog, snow, ice, encounters with unattended and / or wild animals, falls, accidental clashes with other participants or with people passing and / or with vehicles in stretches of paved road and he declares to be adequately prepared to deal with emergency situations;

  • declares to guarantee for his proper behaviour during and after the event;

  • declares that the medical certificate for the cycling practice is made according to Italian law (DM 18/02/1982 and / or DM 26.04.2013) and issued by a Sport Medical Centre or a doctor;

  • declares to be in good physical condition and to have done the medical examination for practicing bike racing or cycling, raising the organization from any liability for any damage he may suffer during the event;

  • agrees to the use of his data, even for commercial purposes, according to Italian law D. Lgs. 196/2003 concerning privacy;

  • gives the organizers the permission to use, according to Italian law, even for profit, any photographic or video image taken during the event, providing the organization the power to transfer to third parties such images since the moment of registration;

  • expressly authorizes the organization to use images, fixed and / or moving, depicting his own person, taken at the event, for its entire duration.
    This authorization has to be considered provided indefinitely and without territorial limits around the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by example and without limitation, promotional materials and / or advertising carried on all media. The organization will also sell to third parties the rights of use specified herein;

  • declares to be aware that the organization is not responsible for accidents or damage to persons or property which may occur before, during and after the event.